Question: Can we customize what kind of cases the customer can use?


Yes, when setting up case management in Bizzjoiner, you decide which kinds of cases that will be handled and which customers will have access to these. You can add your own fields to each case type and choose whether they should be visible, editable and whether they should be mandatory to fill in. You can even choose whether the fields should have different characteristics for the customers and for internal users.

Depending on the type of case being handled, you can choose to define different statuses that make it clear to you and the customers how the work on a specific case continues.

With Bizzjoiner you have the opportunity to handle all the company's customer cases in a structured way. If you already have an existing case management system where you internally handle cases, we can help you connect it with Bizzjoiner so that your customers can easily register and follow these cases. Otherwise you can let Bizzjoiner be the engine of the structured customer care.

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