Question: What does social functions mean and what does it do for customer care?


Social functions are routines that give the user access to interaction similar to that found in social media. Bizzjoiner has social features for commenting, provide reviews and sharing articles with other users. 

For example, by commenting or like an article, the user affects both his own and other users' flow as the current article becomes more current. At the same time, this provides the basis for measuring the user's and customer's satisfaction and activity. By answering customers' comments, an interactivity is created that increases the customer's sense of participation. However, unlike similar interaction on social media such as Facebook or LinkedIn, it is in a protected area so that your conversation with a specific customer is only visible to this particular customer.

Having social functions in a customer portal increases the customer's participation and makes it easier to initiate dialogues about what may be worrying. By removing barriers for communication, customer care is improved.

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