Question: Why should we use Bizzjoiner instead of developing a customer portal ourselves?


We at Effekt has developed Bizzjoiner customer portal on the basis that it will save time, energy and money when you want to invest in a digital customer care. The portal is designed to suit companies that have recurring business customers (b2b) and want to give them a better service to increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. If this is what you mean by a customer portal, then Bizzjoiner is the choice for you.
With Bizzjoiner you do not need to put massive development initiatives or start from the beginning as it comes to integration with other business solutions. In addition, you automatically get an infrastructure that you and your customers can trust.

When do you want your customers to be able to log in to you and get a professional digital response? Developing a solution from scratch takes a long time and is usually much more expensive than what was originally calculated with. With Bizzjoiner you can count the implementation time in weeks.

With our preferential subscription offer you know exactly in advance what the customer portal will cost you, both when it comes to introduction and the ongoing monthly cost.

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