Question: How do I keep track of the customer's users?


In Bizzjoiner you always have the opportunity to see which users are organized per customer and the permissions that are associated with them. You can create, modify, enable and disable users at any time, directly from the Bizzjoiner administration interface.

To make it easier for both you and your customers, Bizzjoiner also allows the customer to administer their own users. At the set of a new customer, you can choose to assign one or more of the customer's user authorizations that means that he or she can add users and control the activation of these. The idea is that you should not have to keep track of when the customer's employees, for example, change employment and therefore no longer have access to the customer's information.

For new users, there is a simple registration function that allows a user to easily apply for access to the portal. This means that the administration is also simplified for the customer.

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