Question: How is sensitive data handled?


You can be confident when it comes to how data is handled in Bizzjoiner. All information and all services included in the customer portal are run in Microsofts cloud service, Azure.

All communication to and from the servers on which Bizzjoiner runs, is encrypted. This means that it is not possible to listen to traffic if, for example, your customer's users connects using an unsafe wifi network. Also communication between Bizzjoiner and your company's internal business solutions, such as ERP or CRM systems, is secured so that it only takes place over a secure protocol.

The storage of data in Bizzjoiner is also encrypted. This means that you can be sure of fulfilling any legal requirements linked, for example, to the GDPR and that personal data must always be handled in a secure manner. As an administrator of your Bizzjoiner installation, you control which persons should have access to the information in the customer portal. The technical solution ensures that the rules you set up are followed.

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