Fully integrated environment

Bizzjoiner integrates with your business solutions. Information that you have gathered in the ERP or other business solutions that you want customers to get access to are published and made searchable through the advanced security system.
The customer portal can be linked to one or more different systems depending on how your company works.

One truth, avoid double registration

Letting the customer portal be integrated with other business solutions ensures that the information you share with customers is always the latest and most up-to-date.

Copying information from one place to another always means that there is always a risk that the wrong version will be displayed to the customer or that it will otherwise be a discrepancy. It is important that the information displayed to the customer is exactly the same as visible to the internal staff when using internal business systems.

Two-way integration

Integration between Bizzjoiner and other systems can be designed to be bi-directional. This means that users can update information both in the customer portal or the business system, which automatically transfers it to the other system.

This means, for example, that order routines can be designed in such a way that an order or a register of contact details can be created and updated both through the business system or by the customer in the customer portal.

Synchronization of information

In order to limit the burden on business systems, integration can be designed so that the information is synchronized between the different systems. This means for example that if many users in the customer portal seeking information that does not burden the business system unnecessarily. Correspondingly, performance problems in the business system do not cause customers to experience delays in their work.

Real-time information

The integration can also be designed so that information is retrieved and updated in real time. This may in some cases be preferable when it comes to real business critical practices such as to really guarantee that a booking has been reviewed.

Finished connections

We currently have ready connections to a number of different systems, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Fortnox business system.

The template connector in Bizzjoiner also means that we can easily design new connections to other systems.