Security first

Based with security as the starting point with the world's safest CMS system, Drupal, at the bottom and operation in Microsoft's cloud solution Azure. Bizzjoiner is the customer portal for you who believes that you and your customers' common business data is really important and worth protecting.

In the solution design, the starting point has always been in safety, performance and scalability. This ensures that safety radiates the solution from bottom to bottom.

Secure cloud operation and secure data storage

All information and all included services in the customer portal are run in Microsoft's cloud service Azure. Microsoft is one of the truly major cloud service providers who are really committed to maintaining professional security.

This means that servers, files, and databases are secured with local redundancy while daily backups are replicated to other data centers in Azure, in other locations within the EU, to be sure if a major disaster occurs.

The installation within Azure as Bizzjoiner includes is "hermetically sealed" so that only encrypted traffic over the specified interface is let through.

Achieving the level of security found in Azure requires very large investments and operations centers in several countries with 24/7 monitoring.

Secure well-tested components

The basic components of Bizzjoiner are well-proven, mostly designed as open source. The CMS system on which the solution is based is Drupal, which with its over 1 million installations and with a community of 1.3 million developers really stands out as a really well-proven system where even the smallest update is reviewed and security shortages are reported.

Encrypted communication

All communication to and from the servers on which Bizzjoiner is running is encrypted. This means that it is not possible to intercept traffic if, for example, your customer's user connects via an unsafe wifi network. Also, communication between Bizzjoiner and your company's internal business solutions, such as ERP systems or CRM systems, is secured so that it only takes place over a secure protocol.

Monitoring and intrusion detection

The solution includes built-in routines for monitoring and intrusion detection. This means that if, for example, someone on the Internet tries to overload or hack the server by guessing passwords then alarms are triggered that immediately result in blocking efforts.